Run - Sports and Games

Sports and Games

  • Run (American football), an offensive action in American football
  • Run (baseball), the unit of scoring in baseball
  • Run (cricket), the unit of scoring in cricket
  • Run, the unit of scoring in softball
  • A variety of events in track and field athletics
  • Run (cards), a series of playing cards with consecutive values
  • Piste or ski run, a marked trail down a mountain for winter sports
  • Run, in sailing, to sail downwind

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Famous quotes containing the words sports and/or games:

    In the end, I think you really only get as far as you’re allowed to get.
    Gayle Gardner, U.S. sports reporter. As quoted in Sports Illustrated, p. 87 (June 17, 1991)

    The rules of drinking games are taken more serious than the rules of war.
    Chinese proverb.