Request may refer to the act of a polite demand for something.

Request may also refer to:

  • a question, a request for information
  • a petition, a formal document demanding something that is submitted to an authority
  • in computer science, a message sent between objects
  • in computer science, a request in Hypertext Transfer Protocol
  • ReQuest Dance Crew, a hip-hop dance crew from New Zealand
  • Request TV, a defunct pay-per-view service
  • Request (The Awakening album), a 1997 album by South African band The Awakening
  • Request (Juju album), a 2010 cover album by Japanese signer Juju

Famous quotes containing the word request:

    Were all the worshippers of the gold calf to memorialize me and request a restoration of the deposits I would cut my right hand from my body before I would do such an act. The gold calf may be worshipped by others but as for myself I serve the Lord.
    Andrew Jackson (1767–1845)

    Mr. Roosevelt, this is my principal request—it is almost the last request I shall ever make of anybody. Before you leave the presidential chair, recommend Congress to submit to the Legislatures a Constitutional Amendment which will enfranchise women, and thus take your place in history with Lincoln, the great emancipator. I beg of you not to close your term of office without doing this.
    Susan B. Anthony (1820–1906)