Packet may refer to:

  • A small container or pouch
    • Sachet (package), a small single use container
    • Cigarette packet
    • Sugar packet
    • Ketchup packet
    • Plastic bag
  • A small stack or pack of paper
  • Network packet, a formatted block of data carried by a packet-mode computer network
  • Packet radio, a form of amateur radio data communications using the AX25 protocol
  • Packet (sea transport), a packet service is a regular scheduled service, carrying valuable freight and first class passengers
  • C-82 Packet, a U.S. military transport aircraft
  • Packet Newspapers, newspapers with the title including the word "Packet", after a place-name

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Famous quotes containing the word packet:

    There are some circles in America where it seems to be more socially acceptable to carry a hand-gun than a packet of cigarettes.
    Katharine Whitehorn (b. 1926)

    we know our end
    A packet of worm-seed, a garden of spent tissues.
    Allen Tate (1899–1979)

    The captain was a duck
    With a packet on his back,
    And when the ship began to move
    The captain said, Quack! Quack!
    Mother Goose (fl. 17th–18th century. I saw a ship a-sailing (l. 13–16)