Regression could refer to:

  • Regression (psychology), a defensive reaction to some unaccepted impulses
  • Regression analysis, a statistical technique for estimating the relationships among variables. There are several types of regression:
    • Linear regression model
    • Simple linear regression
    • Logistic regression
    • Nonlinear regression
    • Nonparametric regression
    • Robust regression
    • Stepwise regression
  • Regression toward the mean, a common statistical phenomenon
  • Regression (economics), Ludwig von Mises' theorem that tries to explain why money is demanded in its own right
  • Software regression, the appearance of a bug which was absent in a previous revision
  • Regression testing, a software testing method which seeks to uncover regression bugs
  • Infinite regress, a problem in epistemology
  • Marine regression, coastal advance due to falling sea level, the opposite of marine transgression
  • Regression (medicine), a characteristic of diseases to express lighter symptoms without disappearing totally
  • Age regression in therapy
  • Past life regression, a process claiming to retrieve memories of previous lives