Queue may refer to:

In society:

  • Queue area, where a line of people wait. The line of people is the queue.
  • Queue (hairstyle), a Chinese pigtail (or ponytail), is also known as a queue

In mathematics:

  • Queueing theory, the study of waiting lines

In computer science:

  • Queue (data structure), in computing is an abstract data type
    • Deque or Double Ended queue
    • Priority queue
    • Circular queue
  • Message queue
  • E-Mail queue, used by SMTP e-mail servers to process incoming and outgoing e-mail into a FIFO buffer, or placing deferred mail into a non-linear waiting buffer
  • Load (computing) or queue, system load of a computer's operating system
  • ACM Queue, a computer magazine

Famous quotes containing the word queue:

    English people apparently queue up as a sort of hobby. A family man might pass a mild autumn evening by taking the wife and kids to stand in the cinema queue for a while and then leading them over for a few minutes in the sweetshop queue and then, as a special treat for the kids, saying “Perhaps we’ve time to have a look at the Number Thirty-One bus queue before we turn in.”
    Calvin Trillin (b. 1940)