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The German Army equivalent of the platoon is the Zug, consisting of a platoon headquarters (HQ) squad (Zugtrupp, a literal translation of train troop) of four to six men, and three squads (Gruppen) of eight to eleven men each. Three Züge make up a company (Kompanie), with the first platoon usually commanded by a company-grade officer (Kompanieoffizier), usually a first (Oberleutnant) or second lieutenant (Leutnant), who is also the company's second-in-command. The second and third Zug are led by experienced NCOs, usually master sergeants (Hauptfeldwebel). In the first platoon a master sergeant is assistant to the platoon leader, with this role filled by a sergeant (Feldwebel) in the second and third platoons. Each squad is led by a corporal (Unteroffizier) and its size corresponds to the typical passenger capacity of its squad vehicle (either wheeled or armoured). The task of the platoon HQ squad is to provide support for the platoon leader and as a reserve force (such as two additional snipers or an anti-tank weapon crew.)

Fallschirmjäger (airborne infantry) platoons (Fallschirmjägerzug) have special operations responsibilities, and have command positions one rank higher compared to their corresponding position in a standard infantry platoon. A captain (Hauptmann) is the platoon leader, assisted by a first lieutenant and each squad has a second lieutenant or a master sergeant in charge, often supported by a long-service sergeant or skilled senior corporal.

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