North Ballarat Rebels - TAC Cup Team of The Year

TAC Cup Team of The Year

  • 1993: -
  • 1994: Shane Snibson, Brad Cassidy
  • 1995: Julian Field
  • 1996: Brent Tuckey, Shane O’Bree
  • 1997: James Walker, Winis Imbi
  • 1998: Marc Greig
  • 1999: Jeremy Clayton
  • 2000: Shane Hutchinson, Drew Petrie
  • 2001: Justin Perkins
  • 2002: Adam Fisher
  • 2003: Jed Adcock, Matt Sharkey
  • 2004: Matt Rosa
  • 2005: Bill Driscoll, Steve Clifton
  • 2006: Nathan Brown, James Frawley, Shaun Grigg, Lachlan George
  • 2007: Kyle Cheney, Nick Suban
  • 2008: Andrew Hooper, Jordan Roughead, Nick Suban
  • 2009: Andrew Hooper
  • 2010: Lucas Cook
  • 2011: Brad Crouch, Nick O'Brien
  • 2012: Nick Rippon, Matthew Crouch, Jake Lloyd

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