Minter can refer to:

Places in the United States
  • Minter, Alabama, an unincorporated community
  • Minter Village, California, an unincorporated community
  • Minter City, Mississippi
  • Alan Minter (born 1951), an English former boxer, former middleweight world champion
  • Anne Minter (born 1963), former tennis player from Australia
  • Barry Minter (born 1970), former National Football League (NFL) linebacker
  • Billy Minter (1888–1940), football player, trainer, and manager
  • Billy M. Minter (1926–2005), United States Air Force general
  • Cedric Minter (born 1958), running back in the Canadian Football League
  • Daniel Minter (born 1963), African American painter and sculptor
  • DeMario Minter (born 1984), American NFL cornerback
  • Kevin Minter (born 1990), American football linebacker
  • Louisiana Red (born 1932), birth name Iverson Minter, American blues guitarist, harmonica player, and singer
  • Jeff Minter (born 1962), British computer programmer and videogame author
  • Jerry Burnett Minter, American electrical engineer and audio pioneer
  • Kristin Minter (born 1965), American Actress
  • Kelly Jo Minter (born 1966), American actress
  • Kirby Minter (1929–2009), American basketball player
  • Mary Miles Minter (1902–1984), American silent film actress
  • Mike Minter (born 1974), retired NFL player
  • Rick Minter, defensive coordinator at the University of Notre Dame
Fictional characters
  • Rob Minter, in the popular BBC soap opera EastEnders