List of Bad Girls Characters

List Of Bad Girls Characters

The following is a full list of actors / actresses featured in all eight series of Bad Girls. The character Shell Dockley was voted #8 on Virgin Media's "Top 10 TV Criminals".

Read more about List Of Bad Girls Characters:  Shell Dockley, Denny Blood, Jim Fenner, Di Barker, Zandra Plackett, Sylvia Hollamby, Rachel Hicks, Natalie Buxton, Patricia Kerrigan, Yvonne Atkins, Kris Yates, Selena Geeson, Janine Nebeski, Crystal Gordon, Barbara Hunt, Beverly 'Bev' Tull, Phyllida 'Phyl' Oswyn, Tina O'Kane, Maxine Purvis, Malcolm Nicholson, Darlene Cake

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