Krishnan is a common name in South India. Some well known Krishnans are:

  • K. S. Krishnan (1898–1961), Indian physicist who codiscovered Raman scattering with his mentor C. V. Raman
  • M. Krishnan (1912–1996), pioneering Indian naturalist, photographer and writer
  • M. S. Krishnan (geologist) (1898–1970), Indian geologist and geophysicist.
  • M. S. Krishnan, Professor of Business Information Technology at the Ross School of Business, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
  • N. S. Krishnan (1908–1957), well known Tamil film comedian
  • Ramanathan Krishnan (b. 1937) is a tennis player from Chennai
  • Ramesh Krishnan (b. 1971) is a tennis player from Chennai, son of Ramanathan Krishnan
  • Trisha Krishnan, a South Indian film actor
  • Ramya Krishnan, a South Indian film actor

Krishnan is also combined with other names into a single name such as Ananthakrishnan, Balakrishnan, Jayakrishnan, Muralikrishnan, Ramakrishnan, Radhakrishnan and Venkatakrishnan.