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  • Independent, a 2002 song by Ayumi Hamasaki
  • Independent (Ai album), a 2012 album by Ai, a Japanese/American R&B musician
  • Independent (Sacred Reich album), a 1993 album by Sacred Reich, a thrash metal band from Arizona, USA
  • Independent (Faze album), a 2006 album by Faze, a Nigerian R&B musician
  • Indie culture, artistic creations outside the commercial mainstream
    • Independent circuit, professional wrestling show not associated with the major wrestling promotions
    • Independent film, film produced by a small movie studio
    • Indie game, video games that are created independently of the financial backing of a large publishing company
    • Indie comics, also called alternative comics.
    • Independent music, number of genres associated with independent labels
    • Independent radio, radio stations independent of government or conglomerate interference
    • Independent record label, a record label not associated with a major label
  • Independent (song), 2007 song by Webbie
  • Independent station, television station that is not affiliated with any network
  • The Independent, a British national morning newspaper
  • Irish Independent, newspaper
  • ITV (Independent Television), British television channel
  • The Independents (ska band)
  • The Independents (artist group)
  • The Independents (Oporto artist group)
  • The Independents (vocal group), 1970s R&B group

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    I used to be angry all the time and I’d sit there weaving my anger. Now I’m not angry. I sit there hearing the sounds outside, the sounds in the room, the sounds of the treadles and heddles—a music of my own making.
    Bhakti Ziek (b. c. 1946)

    When I see that the nineteenth century has crowned the idolatry of Art with the deification of Love, so that every poet is supposed to have pierced to the holy of holies when he has announced that Love is the Supreme, or the Enough, or the All, I feel that Art was safer in the hands of the most fanatical of Cromwell’s major generals than it will be if ever it gets into mine.
    George Bernard Shaw (1856–1950)