Huber is a surname of German origin. It derives from the German word Hube meaning hide, a unit of land a farmer might possess. It is in the top ten most common surnames in the German-speaking world, especially in Austria and Switzerland where it is the surname of approximately 0.3% of the population.

Variants arising from varying dialectal pronunciation of the surname include Hueber, Huemer, Humer, Haumer and Huebmer and Hoover.

People with the surname Huber
  • Alexander Huber (born 1968), German climber and mountaineer
  • Alexander Huber (football) (born 1985), a football player
  • Alyson Huber (born 1972), a California legislator elected to the State Assembly in 2008
  • Anke Huber (born 1974), German former tennis player and she was good at single
  • Bruno Huber (1930-1999), Swiss astrologer, husband of Louise Huber
  • Cheri Huber (born c. 1944), independent Soto Zen teacher
  • Chuck Huber (born 1971), American voice actor
  • Don Huber (born 1957), retired American Soccer (Football) forward
  • Erwin Huber (born 1946), German conservative politician
  • François Huber (1750-1831), Swiss naturalist
  • Franz Josef Huber (1902–1975) SS general and Generalmajor der Polizei in Austria
  • Gerold Huber (born 1969), German pianist
  • Gregory Huber (born 1971), American legislator and jurist
  • Harold Huber (1909-1959), American character actor of the 1930s/1940s
  • Hermann J. Huber (1954–2009), German writer and journalist
  • Herta Huber (born 1926), German writer and poet
  • Jacques Huber (1867–1914), Swiss-Brazilian botanist
  • JoKarl Huber (1902-1996), German artist
  • Justin Huber (born 1982), Australian baseball player
  • Klaus Huber (born 1924), Swiss composer
  • Kurt Huber (1893-1943), a German professor, executed by the Nazis in 1943
  • Kurt Huber (tenor) (born 1937), Swiss tenor
  • Liezel Huber (born 1976), South African tennis player and she is good at doubles
  • Louise Huber (1930-1999), Swiss astrologer, wife of Bruno Huber
  • Max Huber (disambiguation), multiple people
  • Nicolaus A. Huber (born 1939), German composer
  • Norbert Huber (born 1964), Italian former luger
  • Peter J. Huber (born 1934), Swiss statistician
  • Robert Huber (born 1937), German biochemist
  • Robert Huber (sport shooter) (1878-1946), Finnish former sport shooter
  • Robert J. Huber (1922–2001), U.S. Representative from Michigan
  • Rocky Huber (born 1955), American mechanical engineer and creator of the DZynSource Mold Engineering Software
  • Ronald Huber (born 1954), Chilean architect and naturalist
  • Rupert Huber (born 1967), Austrian composer and musician
  • Sophie Huber, (born 1985) French freestyle swimmer
  • Therese Huber (1764-1829), German author
  • Thomas Huber (born 1966), German climber and mountaineer
  • Tomáš Huber, Czech footballer
  • Tytus Maksymilian Huber (1872-1950), Polish mechanical engineer, educator, and scientist
  • Vernon Huber (1899-1967), 36th Governor of American Samoa
  • Victor Aimé Huber (1800-1869), German social reformer, travel writer and a literature historian
  • Ulrik Huber (1636–1694), a Dutch jurist
  • Wilfried Huber (born 1970), Italian luger
  • William Russel Huber (1903–1982), US Navy Medal of Honor awardee
  • Wolf Huber (c. 1485-1553), Austrian painter
  • Wolfgang Huber (born 1942), German former Bishop
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Famous quotes containing the word huber:

    Christ has called us to new visions
    Here to celebrate and praise,
    Here confess our old divisions,
    Here our peace petitions raise.
    Come repentant, come forgiving,
    Come in joy and hope and prayer.
    Christ, once crucified, now living,
    Bids us faith and love to share.
    —Jane Parker Huber (b. 1926)

    On wings of morning our prayers and devotions are soaring.
    All of creation awakens, the Maker adoring.
    Join in the song. Harmonies blending along,
    Vigor and life now restoring.
    —Jane Parker Huber (b. 1926)