Hodgson is a surname. In Britain, the Hodgson surname was the 173rd most common (766 per million) in 1881 and the 206th most common (650 per million) in 1998. In the United States of America, Hodgson was the 3753rd most popular surname (30 per million) in the 1990 census.

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Famous quotes containing the word hodgson:

    Picture that orchard sprite,
    Eve, with her body white,
    Supple and smooth to her
    Slim finger tips,
    —Ralph Hodgson (c. 1871–1962)

    Turns to meet the loathly birds
    Flocking round him from the skies,
    Waiting for the flesh that dies.
    —Ralph Hodgson (c. 1871–1962)

    With his mother gaunt and lean
    In the valley warm and green,
    Full of baby wonderment,
    Blinking out of silly eyes
    At a hundred mysteries;
    —Ralph Hodgson (c. 1871–1962)