Harrigan may be:

  • Bill Harrigan, Australian rugby league football referee
  • Edward Harrigan (1845–1911), American actor
  • David Xavier Harrigan (1948–2000), singer, actor, & painter Tomata du Plenty
  • John Harrigan (fl. 1990s), actor, writer & filmmaker
  • William Harrigan (1893–1966), American actor
  • Tahesia Harrigan (1982-), world class sprinter from BVI
  • Harrigan (TV series), Canadian children's television series
  • Hop Harrigan, comic-strip aviator
  • "Big John" Harrigan, nurturing pedophile in film L.I.E.
  • "Harrigan" (song), by George M. Cohan from Fifty Miles From Boston
  • Harrigan and Son, a 1960-1961 ABC situation comedy starring Pat O'Brien and Roger Perry, which used Cohan's song as its theme tune.
  • Harrigan, N.Y., part of Ellenburg, New York