Hamlet - Characters


  • Hamlet – Son of the former King, and nephew of the present King.
  • Claudius – King of Denmark, and Hamlet's uncle.
  • Gertrude – Queen of Denmark, and mother to Hamlet.
  • Polonius – Lord Chamberlain
  • Ophelia – Daughter to Polonius
  • Horatio – Friend to Hamlet
  • Laertes – Son to Polonius
  • Voltimand and Cornelius – Courtiers
  • Rosencrantz and Guildenstern – Courtiers, friends to Hamlet.
  • Osric – a Courtier
  • Marcellus – an Officer
  • Bernardo – an Officer
  • Francisco – a Soldier
  • Reynaldo – Servant to Polonius
  • Ghost of Hamlet's Father
  • Fortinbras – Prince of Norway
  • Gravediggers – a Sexton, and a clown.
  • Player King, Player Queen, Lucianus, etc. – Players

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