Putnam may refer to:

  • Putnam (surname)
Places in Canada
  • Putnam, Ontario, community in Thames Centre
Places in the United States
  • Putnam, Alabama
  • Putnam, Connecticut
  • Putnam, Illinois
  • Putnam, New York
  • Putnam, Oklahoma
  • Putnam, Texas
  • Putnam Lake, New York
  • Putnam Mountain, Idaho (Fort Hall, Idaho)
  • Putnam Valley, New York
See also: Putnam County (disambiguation) and Putnam Township (disambiguation)

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Famous quotes containing the word putnam:

    Cut the pie any way you like, “meanings” just ain’t in the head!
    —Hilary Putnam (b. 1926)

    Even American women are not felt to be persons in the same sense as the male immigrants among the Hungarians, Poles, Russian Jews,—not to speak of Italians, Germans, and the masters of all of us—the Irish!
    —Mary Putnam Jacobi (1842–1906)

    To-day women constitute the only class of sane people excluded from the franchise ...
    —Mary Putnam Jacobi (1842–1906)