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  • Functional group, a functional entity consisting of certain atoms whose presence provides a certain property to a molecule
  • Group (periodic table), a column in the periodic table of chemical elements


  • Cultivar group, a formal classification category in the International Code of Nomenclature for Cultivated Plants (ICNCP)
  • Group selection, in evolutionary biology, the idea that alleles can become fixed or spread in a population because of the benefits they bestow upon groups of organisms


  • Galaxy groups and clusters, a small number of galaxies near each other
    • Local Group, the group containing the Milky Way Galaxy


  • Group delay and phase delay
  • a set of lenses stacked together
  • Group (stratigraphy), in geology, a lithostratigraphical unit; a group consists of formations, or rock strata

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    Nothing matters but the facts. Without them, the science of criminal investigation is nothing more than a guessing game.
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    ... my one aim and concentrated purpose shall be and is to show that women can learn, can reason, can compete with men in the grand fields of literature and science ... that a woman can be a woman and a true one without having all her time engrossed by dress and society.
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    “What we know, is a point to what we do not know.” Open any recent journal of science, and weigh the problems suggested concerning Light, Heat, Electricity, Magnetism, Physiology, Geology, and judge whether the interest of natural science is likely to be soon exhausted.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)