Greenaway is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • David Greenaway (1889–19??), Scottish footballer
  • David Greenaway (economist) (born 1952), professor of economics at the University of Nottingham
  • Gavin Greenaway (born 1964), music composer and conductor, son of Roger Greenaway
  • Joseph A. Greenaway, Jr. (born 1957), United States judge
  • Kate Greenaway (1846–1901), children's book illustrator and writer
  • Lorne Greenaway (born 1933), Progressive Conservative party member of the Canadian House of Commons
  • Peter Greenaway (born 1942), Welsh-born English film director
  • Peter Van Greenaway (1929–1988), British novelist
  • Roger Greenaway (born 1938), popular English songwriter