Glory Days

Glory Days may refer to:

In music:

  • "Glory Days" (song), a song by Bruce Springsteen
  • "Glory Days" (Just Jack song)
  • Glory Days (album), an album by The Amity Affliction
  • Glory Days (musical), a 2008 Broadway show

In television and film:

  • Glory Days (Bernice Summerfield), a Doctor Who spin-off audio drama
  • Glory Days (TV series), a 2002 American mystery series
  • Glory Days (1990 TV series), an American drama series featuring Brad Pitt and Evan Mirand
  • Glory Days (film), a 1988 TV movie starring Robert Conrad and Pamela Gidley

In video games:

  • Super Army War, a Game Boy Advance game titled Glory Days: The Essence of War in Europe
    • Glory Days 2, a sequel for the Nintendo DS
    • Glory Days: Tactical Defense, a sequel for DSiWare

Famous quotes containing the words glory and/or days:

    The glory of a king is a multitude of people; without people a prince is ruined.
    Bible: Hebrew, Proverbs 14:28.

    The style, which is something I take to heart, is getting on my nerves horribly. It frustrates and torments me. I have days when I am sick about it and nights when it gives me a fever. The more I go at it the more I find myself incapable of conveying the Idea.
    Gustave Flaubert (1821–1880)