Gagne or Gagné is a surname, and may refer to:

  • Arsène Gagné (1910 - 1964), Canadian politician
  • Éric Gagné (born 1976), Canadian baseball player
  • Etienne-Paulin Gagne, French poet, writer, eccentric
  • Greg Gagne (wrestler) (born 1948: family name pronounced GON-yuh)
  • Greg Gagne (baseball player) (born 1961: family name pronounced GAG-nee)
  • Jean Gagné, Canadian wrestler
  • Marie-Pierre Gagné, Canadian synchronized swimmer
  • Michel Gagné, Canadian cartoonist
  • Robert M. Gagné, American educational psychologist
  • Simon Gagné, Canadian hockey player
  • Verne Gagne (born 1926), American wrestler and wrestling promoter; also father of wrestler Greg Gagne