World Heavyweight Championship

World heavyweight championship may refer to:

  • World heavyweight boxing championship (professional)
    • World Colored Heavyweight Championship (early twentieth-century)
  • World Heavyweight Championship (professional wrestling)
    • List of early world heavyweight champions in professional wrestling
    • AWA World Heavyweight Championship
    • ECW World Heavyweight Championship
    • NWA World Heavyweight Championship
    • ROH World Championship
    • TNA World Heavyweight Championship
    • WCW World Heavyweight Championship
    • WCW International World Heavyweight Championship
    • World Heavyweight Championship (WWE)
    • WWE Championship
  • Mixed martial arts:
    • List of UFC champions#Heavyweight Championship
    • List of PRIDE champions#World Heavyweight Championship
    • List of Shooto Champions#Heavyweight Championship
    • List of Pancrase champions#Heavyweight Championship
  • Boxing:
    • List of heavyweight boxing champions
    • List of WBA world champions
    • List of WBC world champions

The following world championships also have weight divisions:

  • World Amateur Boxing Championships
  • World Jiu-Jitsu Championship
  • World Judo Championships
  • 2006 Jujutsu World Championships
  • Karate World Championships
  • Kickboxing weight classes
  • World Rowing Championships
  • World Taekwondo Championships
  • FILA Wrestling World Championships (amateur)

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