Generally, functional refers to something able to fulfill its purpose or function.

  • Functionalism and Functional form, movements in architectural design
  • Functional group, certain atomic combinations that occur in various molecules, e.g. carbonyl, amine
  • Functional symptom, functional disorder, sometimes used in medicine to describe symptoms and conditions that have no current visible organic basis
  • Functional classification, a classification system for roads in the United States.

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Famous quotes containing the word functional:

    Stay-at-home mothers, . . . their self-esteem constantly assaulted, . . . are ever more fervently concerned that their offspring turn out better so they won’t have to stoop to say “I told you so.” Working mothers, . . . their self-esteem corroded by guilt, . . . are praying their kids turn out functional so they can stop being defensive and apologetic and instead assert “See? I did do it all.”
    Melinda M. Marshall (20th century)

    In short, the building becomes a theatrical demonstration of its functional ideal. In this romanticism, High-Tech architecture is, of course, no different in spirit—if totally different in form—from all the romantic architecture of the past.
    Dan Cruickshank (b. 1949)

    Indigenous to Minnesota, and almost completely ignored by its people, are the stark, unornamented, functional clusters of concrete—Minnesota’s grain elevators. These may be said to express unconsciously all the principles of modernism, being built for use only, with little regard for the tenets of esthetic design.
    —Federal Writers’ Project Of The Wor, U.S. public relief program (1935-1943)