Eileen (/aɪˈliːn/eye-LEEN or /ˈaɪliːn/EYE-leen) is a girl's first name. It is the anglicised version of Irish Eibhlín, which is in turn a form of the older Irish Gaelic Aibhilín or Eilín (Anglicised as Aveline). Aveline is probably derived from Ava, which is of Germanic origin but whose meaning is uncertain, though it possibly means "desired". "Eileen" also means "light.". The name Ylianne (/ˌaɪliˈæn/ EYE-lee-AN) is an uncommon English variant. It is reported that the name Eileen has been one of the 1,000 most popular girl's names in the United States in every decade since 1880.

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