Evelyn may refer to:

  • Evelyn (name), for people named Evelyn
  • Evelyn (film), a 2002 film starring Sophie Vavasseur and Pierce Brosnan
  • Evelyn: The Cutest Evil Dead Girl, 2002 award-winning short film and black comedy directed by Newfoundlander Brad Peyton
  • Hurricane Evelyn, fifth hurricane of the 1977 Atlantic hurricane season
  • Evelyn 7", 2005 release by Australian group The Mess Hall
  • Evelyn (play), a 1969 radio play by Rhys Adrian
  • Evelyn, London, UK
  • Evelyn, Ontario, Canada
  • Evelyn, California, USA
  • Evelyn, Kentucky
  • Evelyn, Michigan, USA
  • Evelyn, Wirt County, West Virginia
  • Evelyn (VTA), light rail train station in Mountain View, California, USA
  • Evelyn County, New South Wales, Australia
  • Electoral district of Evelyn, an electoral district in Victoria, Australia
  • 503 Evelyn, a main belt asteroid
  • Evelyn College for Women, or Evelyn College, the former women's college of Princeton University
  • Evelyn High School, in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

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