Ehrenreich (German for rich in honour) is a surname that was adopted by diverse families in Germany when surnames were legally required. Most people with this name are of Jewish heritage, but there are also people of this name with Catholic heritage. It is the surname of:

  • Alden Caleb Ehrenreich (born 1989, Los Angeles), American actor, the actor in the movie Tetro
  • Barbara Ehrenreich, née Alexander (born 1941), American female writer and columnist, author of the books Nickel and Dimed and Bait and Switch: The (Futile) Pursuit of the American Dream
  • Ben Ehrenreich, American freelance journalist and novelist
  • Hannelore Ehrenreich (de) (born 1955), German female physician and veterinary
  • Martin Ehrenreich (born 1983), Austrian football defender
  • Moses Levi Ehrenreich (1818 - 1899), Polish-Italian rabbi
  • Paul Ehrenreich (de) (1855 - 1914), German anthropologist, ethnologist and American Studier
  • Ron Ehrenreich, American credit union officer and teacher
  • Teddy Ehrenreich (de) (born 1936), Austrian jazz musician
  • Hillel Ehrenreich, Granted a Macarther Genius grant at the age of fourteen, Hillel is said to be one of the most accomplished child prodigies of recent times. He is the author of the judiac book "Baruch Shekivanti"
  • Johann Gebhard Ehrenreich Maass (1766 - 1823), a German psychologist
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Famous quotes containing the word ehrenreich:

    No culture on earth outside of mid-century suburban America has ever deployed one woman per child without simultaneously assigning her such major productive activities as weaving, farming, gathering, temple maintenance, and tent-building. The reason is that full-time, one-on-one child-raising is not good for women or children.
    —Barbara Ehrenreich (b. 1941)

    Marriage is socialism among two people.
    —Barbara Ehrenreich (b. 1941)

    The media have just buried the last yuppie, a pathetic creature who had not heard the news that the great pendulum of public conciousness has just swung from Greed to Compassion and from Tex-Mex to meatballs.
    —Barbara Ehrenreich (b. 1941)