Mother Jones

Mother Jones may refer to:

  • Mary Harris Jones (called "Mother Jones", 1837–1930), American labor and community organizer
  • Mother Jones (magazine), liberal political magazine named after Mary Harris "Mother" Jones
  • Mother Jones' Prison, formerly a National Historic Landmark in West Virginia

Famous quotes containing the words mother and/or jones:

    It takes twenty or so years before a mother can know with any certainty how effective her theories have been—and even then there are surprises. The daily newspapers raise the most frightening questions of all for a mother of sons: Could my once sweet babes ever become violent men? Are my sons really who I think they are?
    Mary Kay Blakely (20th century)

    Casey Jones, mounted to the cabin,
    Casey Jones, throttle in his hand,
    Casey Jones mounted to the cabin,
    Took his farewell journey to the Promised Land.
    —Unknown. Casey Jones (l. 49–52)