Earning can refer to:

  • Labour (economics)
  • Earnings of a company
  • Merit

Famous quotes containing the word earning:

    What lies behind facts like these: that so recently one could not have said Scott was not perfect without earning at least sorrowful disapproval; that a year after the Gang of Four were perfect, they were villains; that in the fifties in the United States a nothing-man called McCarthy was able to intimidate and terrorise sane and sensible people, but that in the sixties young people summoned before similar committees simply laughed.
    Doris Lessing (b. 1919)

    The usual complaint is: I have no other way of earning a living. The harsh reply can be: Do you have to live?
    Tertullian (c. 150–230)

    If men do not keep on speaking terms with children, they cease to be men, and become merely machines for eating and for earning money.
    John Updike (b. 1932)