NET or Net may refer to:

  • Net (device), fibers woven in a grid-like structure
  • Net (textile), any textile in which the warp and weft yarns are looped or knotted at their intersections
  • Brooklyn Nets, a basketball team
  • The Net (1995 film), a film starring Sandra Bullock
  • Cricket nets a safe netted environment for practicing cricket
  • Fishing net, a net used for fishing

In computing and communication:

  • Computer network, collection of computers and devices
  • Telecommunications network, collections of terminals, links, and nodes to facilitate telecommunication
  • Internet, global system of interconnected computer networks
  • Network: Computation In Neural Systems, scientific journal
  • An electronic network connection in a netlist, which shows the connectivity of an electronic design

In business and finance as an antonym of gross:

  • Net (economics), the amount remaining after deductions
  • Net worth, total assets minus total liabilities
  • Net metering, electricity policy
  • Net 30, form of trade credit
  • Net profit, gross profit minus overhead and interest
  • Net weight, weight of a product, not counting packaging
  • Net pay, salary after deductions

NET as an acronym may refer to:

In broadcast and media:

  • National Educational Television, predecessor of PBS in the United States
  • Nebraska Educational Telecommunications, Nebraska
  • New Evangelization Television, New York
  • National Empowerment Television, a defunct politically conservative cable network from the 1990s, also called America's Voice
  • NET S.A., Cable television operator in Latin America
  • New Hellenic Television, Greece
  • Never Ending Tour, musician Bob Dylan's tour since 1988
  • North East Tonight (or North East Today), a British regional news programme
  • NET Television (Malta), a Maltese television station
  • Nihon Educational Television, the former name of TV Asahi, Japan

In science and psychology:

  • Neuroendocrine tumor, cancers of the interface between the endocrine and nervous system
  • N-Ethyltryptamine, psychedelic drug
  • Neutrophil Extracellular Traps, extracellular fibers
  • Neuro Electric Therapy, treatment for anxiety
  • Neuro Emotional Technique, holistic medicine
  • Norepinephrine transporter, neurotransmitter transporter
  • Non-equilibrium thermodynamics, branch of study
  • Net flux, proportional amount to the concentration difference across a membrane, the surface area of the membrane, and the membrane permeability constant

In mathematics:

  • Net (mathematics), a generalization of a sequence similar to a filter
  • Net (polyhedron), an arrangement of polygons that can be folded up to form a polyhedron
  • ε-nets in probability theory, computational geometry, and metric spaces
  • Net, a linear system of divisors of dimension 2
  • Local net of operator algebras in quantum field theory

In other uses:

  • National Education Trust, English non-profit
  • National Eligibility Test, Indian entrance examination
  • New Earth Time, alternative naming system for time of day
  • New English Translation of the Bible
  • Nottingham Express Transit, British tramway
  • Noise-equivalent target, detection system
  • NET Act, No Electronic Theft Act in the United States

.net or .NET may refer to:

  • .net, an Internet top-level domain
  • .net (magazine), British monthly periodical
  • .NET Framework, software framework for Microsoft Windows
  • .NET Messenger Service, an old name for Microsoft Messenger service
  • .NET Passport, an old name for Microsoft account

Famous quotes containing the word net:

    Mental events such as perceivings, rememberings, decisions, and actions resist capture in the net of physical theory.
    Donald Davidson (b. 1917)

    Here’s a fish hangs in the net like a poor man’s right in the law; ‘twill hardly come out.
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)

    You have been trapped in the inescapable net of ruin by your own want of sense.
    Aeschylus (525–456 B.C.)