Famous quotes containing the word dark:

    This, it will be remembered, was the scene of Mrs. Rowlandson’s capture, and of other events in the Indian wars, but from this July afternoon, and under that mild exterior, those times seemed as remote as the irruption of the Goths. They were the dark age of New England.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    A shadow
    not of a bird, not of a cloud,
    draws a dark stroke over
    the hills, the mind.
    And another, another.
    Our fears keep pace with us.
    Denise Levertov (b. 1923)

    Later you hear it wander the dark house
    Like a mother who rises at night to seek a childhood picture;
    Or it goes to the backyard and stands like an old horse cold in the
    Robert Penn Warren (1905–1989)