CSA - Science and Technology

Science and Technology

  • Cambridge Scientific Abstracts, a database company
  • Camphorsulfonic acid
  • Canadian Space Agency
  • Cardioid subwoofer array, a pattern of subwoofers for directional radiation of bass
  • Carry-save adder, a type of digital adder
  • Cartan subalgebra
  • Central simple algebra
  • Client SMTP Authorization
  • Cloud Security Alliance, a non-profit organization to promote best practices for security in Cloud Computing
  • Cognitive Styles Analysis
  • Common Scrambling Algorithm
  • Intel's Communication Streaming Architecture
  • Cross sectional area
  • Csa, Köppen climate classification for a Mediterranean climate
  • Common Support Aircraft
  • CSA, the ICAO airline designator for Czech Airlines (ČSA)
  • CSA Chemical Safety Assessment
  • Current sense amplifier

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Famous quotes containing the words science and, science and/or technology:

    Today the function of the artist is to bring imagination to science and science to imagination, where they meet, in the myth.
    Cyril Connolly (1903–1974)

    I exulted like “a pagan suckled in a creed” that had never been worn at all, but was brand-new, and adequate to the occasion. I let science slide, and rejoiced in that light as if it had been a fellow creature. I saw that it was excellent, and was very glad to know that it was so cheap. A scientific explanation, as it is called, would have been altogether out of place there. That is for pale daylight.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    If the technology cannot shoulder the entire burden of strategic change, it nevertheless can set into motion a series of dynamics that present an important challenge to imperative control and the industrial division of labor. The more blurred the distinction between what workers know and what managers know, the more fragile and pointless any traditional relationships of domination and subordination between them will become.
    Shoshana Zuboff (b. 1951)