Crater may refer to:

In landforms:

  • Impact crater, caused by two celestial bodies impacting each other, such as a meteorite hitting a planet
  • Volcanic crater or caldera, formed by volcanic activity
  • Subsidence crater, from an underground (usually nuclear) explosion
  • A maar crater, a relief crater caused by a phreatic eruption or explosion
  • pit crater, a crater that forms through sinking of the surface and not as a vent for lava
  • Crater lake
  • Explosion crater, a hole formed in the ground produced by an explosion near or below the surface
  • Machtesh, a crater-like formation created by erosion.


  • Crater, California, in Inyo County
  • Cratering, when reindeer dig for lichens that sustain them in winter months
  • Crater (constellation)
  • Joseph F. Crater, a New York judge who mysteriously and famously disappeared in 1930
  • An alternate ancient name for the Crathis, a river of southern Italy
  • Crater (Yemen)

Famous quotes containing the word crater:

    Give me a condor’s quill! Give me Vesuvius’ crater for an inkstand!
    Herman Melville (1819–1891)