Claremont Football Club - Records


Highest Score: Round 17, 1981 - 39.20 (254) vs. Perth at Claremont Oval

Lowest Score: Round 15, 1945 - 1.3 (9) vs. Perth at WACA

Greatest Winning Margin: Round 10, 2010 - 194 points vs. Peel at Claremont Oval

Greatest Losing Margin: Round 10, 1958 - 147 points vs. East Perth at Perth Oval

Most Games: Darrell Panizza 274 (1979–1995)

Record Home Attendance: Round 7, 1983 - 18,268 vs. South Fremantle.

Record Finals Attendance: 1982 Grand Final - 50,883 vs. Swan Districts at Subiaco Oval

AFL Draftees: 64 (not including rookies)

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