Christabel may refer to:

  • Christabel (1988 TV drama), five-part British drama series
  • Christabel (2002 film), experimental feature by James Fotopoulos
  • Christabel (poem), lengthy poem by Samuel Taylor Coleridge
  • Christabel, a 1998 lesbian Gothic romance novel by Karin Kallmaker inspired by the Samuel Taylor Coleridge poem
  • Christabel LaMotte, fictional character in the novel Possession: A Romance
  • Lake Christabel, small lake of New Zealand
  • 2695 Christabel (1979 UE), a main-belt asteroid discovered in 1979
  • USS Christabel (SP-162), United States Navy patrol vessel of World War I

People named Christabel:

  • Christabel Baxendale (1886–1953), English violinist and composer
  • Christabel Bielenberg (1909–2003), Anglo-Irish-German non-fiction writer
  • Christabel Chamarette (born 1948), Greens Western Australia Senator for Western Australia
  • Christabel Cockerell (1860–1903), British artist, wife of Sir George Frampton
  • Christabel Elizabeth Robinson MBE (1898–1988), New Zealand teacher, vocational guidance and community worker
  • Christabel Marshall (1871–1960), British campaigner for women's suffrage, a playwright and author
  • Christabel Pankhurst (1880–1958), British suffragette
  • Christabel Rose Coleridge (1843–1921), English novelist

People with Christabel in their middle names

  • Princess Alice, Duchess of Gloucester, aunt of Elizabeth II
  • Princess Alexandra, The Hon Lady Ogilvy, cousin of Elizabeth II