Chaldean (or Chaldian) may refer to:

  • Historical Babylon, particularly in a Hellenistic context
  • Chaldea, "the Chaldees", Hellenistic designation for a part of Babylon
  • The 11th dynasty of Babylon (6th century BC) is conventionally known as the Chaldean Dynasty
  • Chaldean mythology, generalized term used to refer to all the mythologies of ancient Sumer, Akkad, Assyria and Babylon (Mesopotamian religions)
  • The Chaldean Oracles played a role in Hellenistic mystery religions of the 1st centuries BC and AD.
  • Chaldean people, part of the Assyrian people (Assyrian/Chaldean/Syriac people frequently known as Assyrians, Syriacs, Syriac Christians, Suroye/Suryoye, Chaldeans, and other variants)
  • The Khaldi (people), called Chaldeans by classical authors though unrelated to the contemporary Chaldean Christians
  • Chaldean Neo-Aramaic, a Northeastern Neo-Aramaic dialect spoken in Iraq, and the Chaldean communities worldwide, most speakers being Chaldean Iraqis
  • "Chaldean script" is sometimes used to refer to the Syriac alphabet
Religion and Churches
  • Chaldean Rite, an East Syrian Rite
  • Chaldean Catholic Church (since 1553)
    • Chaldean Christians, Syriac people adherents of the Chaldean Catholic Church
  • Chaldean Syrian Church, title used for the Church of the East in India

Famous quotes containing the word chaldean:

    To study the stars upon the wide, boundless sea, is divine as it was to the Chaldean Magi, who observed their revolutions from the plains.
    Herman Melville (1819–1891)

    The bells discuss the hour’s gradations,
    Dusty shelves hold prayers and proofs:
    Above, Chaldean constellations
    Sparkle over crowded roofs.
    Philip Larkin (1922–1986)