NAB may stand for:

  • Name and address book
  • National Assessment Bank, an internal exam used by the Scottish Qualifications Authority
  • National Association of Broadcasters, the industry group representing the commercial radio stations and television stations of the United States
    • NAB Show, an annual trade show produced by the group
  • National Australia Bank, one of Australia's biggest financial institutions and one of the world's top 30 financial services companies
  • National Accountability Bureau, Pakistani government agency dealing with corruption.
  • Needle aspiration biopsy, a medical technique
  • Neodymium aluminium borate
  • Neuropsychological Assessment Battery, a battery of 33 neuropsychological tests developed to assess a wide array of neuropsychological skills and functions in adults 18-97 years of age
  • New American Bible, an English Bible translation that was produced by members of the Roman Catholic biblical scholars in cooperation with the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops
  • Nerf Arena Blast, a computer game
  • National Archives of Bangladesh
  • Nickel-aluminum bronze