Angelique ( /ændʒəˈliːk/) may refer to:

  • Angélique (given name)
  • Angélique (instrument), also called angelica or angel lute, a theorbo with up to 17 single strings, tuned in diatonical order
  • Angelique, a tree (Dicorynia guianensis) used in boatbuilding
  • Angelique (Japanese series), a GxB series including video games, manga, and anime
    • Angelique (video game)
  • Angelique (song)
  • Angelique (grape), another name for the French wine grape Mondeuse Noire
  • Marie-Joseph Angélique, an executed French slave known as "Angelique"
  • Angélique, a song written by Gothic Metal band Theatre of Tragedy and featured in their album Aégis.
  • Angélique, a 1927 opéra bouffe by Jacques Ibert
  • A heroine of the books Angelique (series) and five Angélique titled films by Anne and Serge Golon
  • A play by Lorena Gale, winner of the 1995 duMaurier National Playwriting Competition in Canada
  • Angélique, an absinthe launched in 2007 by the distillers of La Clandestine Absinthe
  • Angelique, a song on Welsh pop band Badfinger's debut album, Magic Christian Music
  • "Angelique", the first track on the album Light & Shade by Mike Oldfield
  • Angelique, a daughter of Leviathan in Clive Barker's Hellraiser film series