Andrea is a given name common in many parts of the world:

  • In Czech, Serbian, Macedonian, Dutch, English, German, Hungarian, Scandinavian languages and Spanish, Andrea is used as a woman's name, as the feminine form of Andrew, Andreas, András, Andrés, Anders or Andre.
  • In Italian, Albanian and Romansh Andrea is a masculine name, the equivalent of Andrew.
  • In Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia, Andrea is a feminine name; Andreja is another form of feminine name, while Andrija, Andro and Andrej are masculine forms. The only exception is Istria, where Andrea is a male name.
  • In Romania Andreea is a feminine name and it is written with an extra "e". Andrei is the masculine form.
  • Andréa is a Brazilian Portuguese form of Andrea also used in Portugal along with Andréia.
  • In French and Basque Andrea is used as a female name, although the variants Andrée (in French) and Andere (for Basque) also exist.
  • In Bulgarian Andrea is used as the feminine form of "Andrei".
  • In Catalan Andrea is used as the feminine form of "Andreu".
  • "Andrea" in this particular lettering, can be pronounced in many ways.

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