DF or df may stand for:

In geography and politics:

  • Distrito Federal (disambiguation) or Federal District in two countries:
    • Federal District (Brazil)
    • Federal District (Mexico)
  • Danish People's Party (Dansk Folkeparti)

In computers:

  • df, a Unix command to report disk space usage by filesystem
  • Direction flag, a flag stored in the FLAGS register on all x86 compatible CPUs
  • Dwarf Fortress, a sandbox-style computer game with world simulation and city-building elements, at current state focusing on dwarven civilization
  • DeFRaG, a computer game modification
  • DragonFable, a game by Artix Entertainment

In science and technology:

  • Density function, a mathematical function which has a wide range of applications such as in the study of macromolecular structure
  • Methylphosphonyl difluoride, a chemical weapons precursor listed in schedule 1 of the Chemical Weapons Convention
  • Direction finding, a technique used to locate radio transmitters
  • Decapacitation factor

In other uses:

  • Defender (association football)
  • Disney Friends, video game
  • Degrees of freedom (disambiguation), various measures
  • Delta Force
  • Dead Frontier, a free browser-based top down third person 3D survival horror MMORPG set in an open world
  • DragonForce, an English power metal band