Ahuja is a common family name (surname) of Hindus and Sikhs with origin ranging from Sindh and Punjab that are usually of the Arora sub-caste and of the Khatri caste. They adhere to family traditions, respect for elders and family rituals. Ahujas are members of the business community, and are believed to be descendents of AHU. Some famous personalities with this last name include like :

List of Ahuja:

  • Govind Arun Ahuja a.k.a. Govinda (born 1963), Indian actor.
  • Neha Ahuja (born 1980), first Indian woman to qualify for the Winter Olympic Games and participate in the 2006 Olympics.
  • Shiney Ahuja (born 1973), Indian actor
  • Ashish Ahuja (born 1985), Indian Electrical Engineer
  • Ravindra K. Ahuja, Professor at the University of Florida; particularly well known for contributions to network optimization with Thomas L. Magnanti and James B. Orlin.
  • Mini Ahuja Dawar, Social Justice Educator with York Region District School Board, (Toronto)Ontario, Canada
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