Word Stress

  • (noun): The distribution of stresses within a polysyllabic word.
    Synonyms: word accent

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Bulgarski - Phonology - Word Stress
... Stress usually isn't signified in written text ... are also shown with a grave accent) Bulgarian word stress is dynamic ... Stress, like Russian and other East Slavic languages, is also lexical rather than fixed as in French, Latin or the West Slavic ones ...
Standard Chinese Phonology - Word Stress
... The stress pattern of Chinese language is made up of three degrees of stress ... There are three stress patterns, which commonly occur in the two-syllable compound words Normal Stress + Primary Stress (\ + /) 字画儿 zìhuàr ...
Araki Language - Phonology - Syllable Structure and Stress Pattern
... Diachronic effects of word stress have led to the irregular loss of some syllables, and the creation of new phonotactic patterns of CVC and CCV, with many word-final consonants ... Although a cluster of more than two consonants is impossible within a word, longer consonant clusters may appear in longer linguistic sequences ... Word stress in Araki normally falls on the penultimate syllable, at least when the last syllable of the word is of the form -(C)V ...

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    Poets ... are literal-minded men who will squeeze a word till it hurts.
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