Indo may refer to:

  • Indo-, prefix indicating India
    • Examples of words with Indo- prefix: Indology, Indologist, Indomania, Indophobia, Indophile, and Indo-European
  • Indo people, people of mixed European and Indonesian ancestry
  • INDO, the Intermediate Neglect of Differential Overlap semi-empirical method
  • Indo (apple), an apple cultivar
  • Irish Independent, commonly nicknamed 'The Indo'
  • Cannabis (drug), known by the slang term 'endo' or 'indo'
  • An abbreviation of "Indonesia"

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Theophilos (king) - A Bactrian King Theophilos?
... Although this is not a very common occurrence on Indo-Greek coins, the coins of Theophilos have generally been accepted as belonging to one unique king ... Against this, Jakobsson argues that the coins issued by the later Indo-Greek kings for export into Bactria were consistently similar to these kings' regular Indian coinage ... Preceded by Diomedes Indo-Greek Ruler (Paropamisadae) (c ...
Indo-Caribbean Music
... Indo-Caribbean music refers the music culture of the Indo-Caribbean descendants - now numbering over a million - of indentured immigrants who came from India between 1845 and 1917 to various ...
Model Minority - Netherlands - Repatriation
... into an increasingly hostile environment for Indo-Europeans ... Violence aimed towards Indo-Europeans during its early Bersiap period (1945-1946) accumulated in almost 20,000 deaths ... The Indo diaspora continued up to 1964 and resulted in the emigration of practically all Indo-Europeans from a turbulent young Indonesian nation ...
Aryan Language
... language The Vedic Sanskrit language The Proto-Indo-Iranian language Any of the Indo-Iranian languages In works published in the late 19th century and early ... was sometimes used as a synonym for the Indo-European languages ...
... Indo-Mauritians are people of Indian descent living on the island of Mauritius, where they represent a majority comprising 68% of the population according to the July 2007 ... A majority of Indo-Mauritians are of Bihari descent (among the Hindus Brahmin, Rajput, Kurmi, Bhumihar, Yadav, Banias, and Kayastha castes are well represented) ...