Union Movement

The Union Movement was a far right political party founded in Britain by Oswald Mosley. Where Mosley had previously been associated with a peculiarly British form of fascism, the Union Movement attempted to redefine the concept by stressing the importance of developing a European nationalism rather than narrower country-based nationalisms. The UM has therefore been characterized as an attempt by Mosley to start again in his political life by embracing more democratic and international policies than those with which he had previously been associated.

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Albert Camus - Revolutionary Union Movement and Europe
... In 1947–48 he founded the Revolutionary Union Movement (Groupes de liaison internationale – GLI) a trade union movement in the context of revolutionary syndicalism (S ... it was a group opposed to some tendencies of the Surrealist movement of André Breton ... with Altiero Spinelli who founded the European Federalist Movement in Milan—see Ventotene Manifesto and the book "Unire l'Europa, superare gli stati ...
Union Movement Post-Mosley
... to form the League of Saint George, a non-party movement which they claimed was the true continuation of Mosley's ideas ... The Action Society was quietly wound up, representing the end of the Union Movement as a force in British politics ...
Alexander Raven Thomson - Union Movement
... He also led the Union of British Freemen, a group he set up with fellow ex-BUF member Victor Burgess in 1944 as an attempt to bring together former BUF members ... He joined the Union Movement on its foundation in 1948 and became a leading figure in the new party as both General Secretary and the editor of the UM newspaper Union ... due to his support for the European Social Movement ...
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... Trade unions in the United Kingdom were first decriminalised under the recommendation of a Royal Commission in 1867, which agreed that the establishment of the ... Legalised in 1871, the Trade Union Movement sought to reform socio-economic conditions for working men in British industries, and the Unions' search for this led to the creation of a Labour Representation ... Margaret Thatcher's governments weakened the powers of the unions in the 1980s, in particular by making it more difficult to strike legally, and some ...

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