Stationary can mean:

  • In statistics and probability: a stationary process
  • In mathematics: a stationary point
  • In mathematics: a stationary set
  • In physics: a time-invariant quantity, such as a constant position or temperature
  • In physics: a steady state physical process, such as a vibration at constant amplitude and frequency or a steady fluid flow
  • In physics: stationary spacetime

Other articles related to "stationary":

Coherence (signal Processing) - Extension To Non-stationary Signals
... If the signals are non-stationary, (and therefore not ergodic), the above formulations may not be appropriate ... to represent the time-varying spectral variations of non-stationary signals in lieu of traditional spectra ...
Paperchase - Design
... Each collection is made up of one pattern, which is then applied to a number of different stationary, home and luggage products ... The company also makes a basic range for everyday stationary ... from third party suppliers, mainly their gift cards and everyday stationary ...
Stationary Odyssey
... Stationary Odyssey is an alternative rock band from Evansville, Indiana, composed of Aaron Tanner and Brett Siler ... In December 2006, Stationary Odyssey released a free, downloadable EP that contained a remix by Kramer (Ween, Butthole Surfers) ... Frank Black in early 2007, Mike Farmer (aka Kentucky Prophet) lent his vocal talents on two Stationary Odyssey songs for a split EP with Child Bite (Suburban Sprawl Music) ...
Stationary Reference Frame
... Stationary Frame of Reference is used to analyse the induction motor parameters such as torque and speed ... The parameter frequencies and rotational speeds are referred from a stationary observers point of view ...
Beyond Zero Emissions
... by implementing structural changes to stationary energy, transport, buildings, land use, industrial processes and replacing fossil fuel export revenue ... Group released the Zero Carbon Australia Stationary Energy Plan in July 2010, which they claim is a detailed, fully realisable, fully costed 10 year plan to replace all stationary energy needs ...

Famous quotes containing the word stationary:

    It is the dissenter, the theorist, the aspirant, who is quitting this ancient domain to embark on seas of adventure, who engages our interest. Omitting then for the present all notice of the stationary class, we shall find that the movement party divides itself into two classes, the actors, and the students.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)