Stationary Distribution

Stationary distribution may refer to:

  • The limiting distribution in a Markov chain
  • The marginal distribution of a stationary process or stationary time series
  • The set of joint probability distributions of a stationary process or stationary time series

In some fields of application, the term stable distribution is used for the equivalent of a stationary (marginal) distribution, although in probability and statistics the term has a rather different meaning: see stable distribution.

Crudely stated, all of the above are specific cases of a common general concept. A stationary distribution is a specific entity which is unchanged by the effect of some matrix or operator: it need not be unique. Thus stationary distributions are related to eigenvectors for which the eigenvalue is unity.

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... in a Markov logic network is to find the stationary distribution of the system, or one that is close to it that this may be difficult or not always possible is illustrated by the richness ... As in a Markov network, the stationary distribution finds the most likely assignment of probabilities to the vertices of the graph in this case, the vertices are the ground ... That is, the distribution indicates the probability of the truth or falsehood of each ground atom ...
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... As stated earlier, from the equation, (if exists) the stationary (or steady state) distribution π is a left eigenvector of row stochastic matrix P ... If there is a unique stationary distribution, then the largest eigenvalue and the corresponding eigenvector is unique too (because there is no other π which ... left and continue this operation with the results, in the end we get the stationary distribution π ...

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