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Micellar Liquid Chromatography - Efficiency
... broadening) that is observed when purely aqueous micellar mobile phases are used ... Poor wetting of the stationary phase by the micellar aqueous mobile phase, slow mass transfer between the micelles and the stationary phase, and poor mass transfer within the stationary ... as h = An1/3 + B/n + Cn Where h = the reduced plate height count (plate height/stationary phase particle diameter) n = the reduced mobile phase linear velocity (velocity times stationary ...
Hydrophilic Interaction Chromatography - Mobile Phase
... A typical mobile phase for HILIC chromatography includes acetonitrile ("MeCN", also designated as "ACN") with a small amount of water ... See also Aqueous Normal Phase Chromatography It is commonly believed that in HILIC, the mobile phase forms a water-rich layer on the surface of the polar stationary phase vs ... the water-deficient mobile phase, creating a liquid/liquid extraction system ...
Monolithic HPLC Column - Technology Overview
... The basic methods of separation in HPLC rely on a mobile phase (water, organic solvents, etc.) being passed through a stationary phase (particulate silica packings ... Stationary phases are available in many varieties of packing styles as well as chemical structures and can be functionalized for added specificity ... Monolithic-style columns are one of many types of stationary phase structure ...
Micellar Liquid Chromatography - Micelles
... which would increase the viscosity of the mobile phase, an undesirable condition ... a Kraft point should be well below room temperature to avoid having to apply heat to the mobile phase ... amount of organic solvent is often added to the mobile phase to help improve efficiency and to improve separations of compounds ...
Micellar Liquid Chromatography - Research
... that the distribution of the surfactant between the bulk mobile phase and the micellar phase shifts toward the bulk as the methanol concentration increases ... As has been asserted, the mobile phase in MLC consists of micelles in an aqueous solvent, usually with a small amount of organic modifier added to ... A typical reverse phase alkyl-bonded stationary phase is used ...

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