Sir Isaac Newton

  • (noun): English mathematician and physicist; remembered for developing the calculus and for his law of gravitation and his three laws of motion (1642-1727).
    Synonyms: Newton, Isaac Newton

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Isaac - In Art
... The earliest Christian portrayal of Isaac is found in the Roman catacomb frescoes ... works in three categories "Abraham leads Isaac towards the altar or Isaac approaches with the bundle of sticks, Abraham having preceded him to the place of offering.. ... Abraham is upon a pedestal and Isaac stands near at hand, both figures in orant attitude.. ...
Thomas Isaac
... Thomas Isaac (born 1952) is a central committee member of the Communist Party of India (Marxist), and represents Alappuzha constituency in the Kerala State Legislative Assembly ... Mathew and Saramma Mathew, Isaac obtained a PhD in Economics from Centre for Development Studies, which is academically affiliated to Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi ... Isaac had been a professor at the Centre for Development Studies, Thiruvananthapuram and has published a number of articles and books ...
Lists Of British Inventions - Science
... Faraday Faraday cage - Michael Faraday Magneto-optical effect - Michael Faraday Calculus - Sir Isaac Newton Infrared radiation - discovery commonly attributed to William Herschel ... lens - Peter Dollond Newtonian telescope - Sir Isaac Newton Hawking radiation - Stephen Hawking Demonstrated that electric circuits obey the law of the conservation of ... the Joule is named after him - James Prescott Joule Micrometer - Sir William Gascoigne the first bench micrometer that was capable of measuring to one ten thousandth of an inch - Henry Maudslay ...
Toledot - Readings - Second Reading — Genesis 26:6–12
... In the second reading (עליה, aliyah), Isaac settled in Gerar, and when the men of Gerar asked Isaac about his beautiful wife, he said that she was his ... But looking out of the window, Abimelech saw Isaac fondling Rebekah, and Abimelech summoned Isaac to complain that Isaac had called her his sister ... Isaac explained that he had done so to save his life ...
Earl Isaac
... Earl Judson Isaac (7 August 1921 – 12 December 1983), along with friend Bill Fair, set up the company Fair Isaac in a small studio apartment on Lincoln Ave ...

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    No being exists or can exist which is not related to space in some way. God is everywhere, created minds are somewhere, and body is in the space that it occupies; and whatever is neither everywhere nor anywhere does not exist. And hence it follows that space is an effect arising from the first existence of being, because when any being is postulated, space is postulated.
    Isaac Newton (1642–1727)

    I frame no hypotheses; for whatever is not deduced from the phenomena is to be called a hypothesis; and hypotheses, whether metaphysical or physical, whether of occult qualities or mechanical, have no place in experimental philosophy.
    —Isaac Newton (1642–1727)

    Conscription may have been good for the country, but it damn near killed the army.
    Richard, Sir Hull (b. 1907)