Schwarzenegger is a German surname that means person from Schwarzenegg, which is both a town in Switzerland and a place in Land Salzburg in Austria. The name also translates literally to "black ploughman" in German.

The family name Schwarzenegger could refer to:

  • Gustav Schwarzenegger (1907–1972), an Austrian police chief, once married to Aurelia Jadrný (1922–1998), father of Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger (born 1947), an Austrian-American former bodybuilder, film actor, and politician, once married to Maria Shriver
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    • Perry v. Schwarzenegger
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    • Arnold Classic, an annual bodybuilding competition
  • Katherine Schwarzenegger (born 1989), American author
  • Patrick Schwarzenegger (born 1993), American entrepreneur, actor and model
  • Christian Schwarzenegger (born 1959, Zürich), a Swiss criminal lawyer, criminal jurist, criminologist—see de:Christian Schwarzenegger at German Wikipedia
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