R.I.P. is an abbreviation for requiescat in pace (Latin, translates to English as: "rest in peace")

For downloading/getting/ripping audio or video from somewhere (for example, from Youtube or TV), see article Ripping.

R.I.P. or RIP may also refer to:

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Big Rip (disambiguation)
... Big Rip may refer to Big Rip, cosmological hypothesis in which the matter of the universe are progressively torn apart by the expansion of the universe ... The Big Rip, is a network of massively multiplayer online games ...
Rip Hawkins
... Ross Cooper "Rip" Hawkins (born April 21, 1939 in Winchester, Tennessee) is a former professional American football player ... Derby Paul Dickson Billy Gault Dick Grecni Dick Haley Rip Hawkins Ray Hayes Gerry Huth Gene Johnson Don Joyce Bill Lapham Jim Leo Jim Marshall Tommy Mason Doug Mayberry Hugh McElhenny ... Van Brocklin Persondata Name Hawkins, Rip Alternative names Short description American football player Date of birth April 21, 1939 Place of birth Winchester, Tennessee Date of death Place of death ...
Cloonfush - Facilities
... A local committee was formed by Michael Cullinane (RIP), Thomas Fleming and Patrick Quinn (RIP), and a borehole was sunk near the old hand pump location ... travelling shops served the area over the years, including Burke's of High Street (Brendan Whelan RIP), Harry Campbell (RIP) of Vicarschoroland and Jack Grady (RIP ...
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... The Surf Zone can help determine the danger level of rip currents ... Rip Current Outlooks use the following set of qualifications Low Risk rip currents Wind and/or wave conditions are not expected to support the development of rip currents however, rip currents can ... Moderate Risk rip currentsWind and/or wave conditions support stronger or more frequent rip currents ...

Famous quotes containing the word rip:

    to slam the door on all the days she’ll stay the same
    and never ask why and never think who to ask,
    to slam the door and rip off her orange blouse.
    Father, father, I wish I were dead.
    Anne Sexton (1928–1974)

    We are double-edged blades, and every time we whet our virtue the return stroke straps our vice. Where is the skillful swordsman who can give clean wounds, and not rip up his work with the other edge?
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    blind wantons like the gulls who scream
    And rip the edge off any ideal or dream.
    Louis MacNeice (1907–1963)