• (noun): The act of adjusting something to match a standard.
    Synonyms: adjustment, readjustment
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Some articles on registration:

Registration, Admission And Status - RAS Signaling
... request, reject, and confirm messages (GRx) Registration request, reject, and confirm messages (RRx) Unregister request, reject, and confirm messages (URx) Admission request, reject, and ... endpoint will then select a gatekeeper with which to register by sending a registration request (RRQ), to which the gatekeeper responds with a registration confirm (RCF) ...
Santos Dumont Airport - Accidents and Incidents - Incidents
1959 a Panair do Brasil Lockheed L-049/149 Constellation registration PP-PCR operating as Flight 246 en route from Rio de Janeiro-Santos Dumont to Belém-Val de Cães. 31 October 1966 a VASP Vickers Viscount registration PP-SRM, was damaged beyond repair when it overran the runway. 8 December 1967 a Brazilian Air Force Vickers Viscount registration FAB2100 was written off when its undercarriage malfunctioned ...
Electrolysed Water - EPA Registration
... Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) seeking registration ... to meet and pass the battery of various EPA product registration tests ...
Registration County - Ireland
... Civil registration was introduced to Ireland in 1864, based upon the English model ... Registration counties were formed for statistical purposes in a similar manner by the grouping of poor law unions. 1871 and 1881 censuses of Ireland was published for the registration counties ...
Lusitano - Registration
... outside of Portugal and Spain, breeding, showing and registration of both Lusitanos and Andalusians are often closely linked ...

More definitions of "registration":

  • (noun): The body of people (such as students) who register or enroll at the same time.
    Synonyms: enrollment
  • (noun): A document certifying an act of registering.
  • (noun): (music) the sound property resulting from a combination of organ stops used to perform a particular piece of music; the technique of selecting and adjusting organ stops.