Commission may refer to:

  • Commission (remuneration), a form of payment to an agent for services rendered
  • Commission (art), the purchase of the creation of a piece of art most often on behalf of another
  • Commission (document), a document given to commissioned officers.
  • Commissioning, a process or service provided to validate the completeness and accuracy of a project or venture
    • Project commissioning, the process of assuring that all systems and components of a building or industrial plant are designed, installed, tested, operated, and maintained according to the operational requirements of the owner or final client
    • Building commissioning, a quality assurance process during and following building construction
  • Ship commissioning, placing a warship in active military duty
  • Commissioned officer, who derives authority directly from a sovereign power
    • Contrast with Non-commissioned officers
  • Statutory commission, a government authority created by statutes of the legislature such as:
    • Statutory authority
    • Independent agencies of the United States government
    • Regulatory agency
    • Public benefit corporation
  • Constitutional Commission, a body reviewing or writing a constitution
  • European Commission, the executive body of the European Union
  • Presidential Commission (United States), a high level research group
  • Royal Commission, a public inquiry
  • Irish Land Commission, a body designed to fix rents in Ireland
  • U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, a US body enforcing and regulating the securities industry
  • Great Commission, a tenet of Christian theology given by Jesus to spread his teachings
  • The Commission (mafia), the governing body of the mafia in the United States
  • Commissioned (gospel group)
  • Perpetration in law

Commission may also be used for:

  • Letters patent, an open letter issued by a government granting an office or other status to someone or some entity
  • A type of government agency that operates under the authority of a board of commissioners, though the term may also be applied to non-governmental groups such as the Knight Commission on Intercollegiate Athletics
  • A type of contract for performance or creation of a specific work

Other articles related to "commission":

Marquette County, Michigan - State Trunkline Highways
169.42 miles (272.66 km) of state highways in the county, the Marquette County Road Commission maintains 283.85 miles (456.81 km) of primary county roads which include County Road 492 (CR ... The road commission provides maintenance such as snow removal under contract with the Michigan Department of Transportation for the state trunklines ... The commission is also planning to build CR 595 in the next few years ...
National Public Safety Commission (Japan)
... The National Public Safety Commission (国家公安委員会, Kokka Kōan Iinkai?) is a Japanese Cabinet Office commission ... The commission consists of a chairman, the, who holds the rank of Minister of State, and five members appointed by the prime minister with the consent of both houses of the Diet ... The commission operates independently of the cabinet, but coordinates with it through the Minister of State ...
Atomic Energy Commission
... Many countries have or have had an Atomic Energy Commission ... These include Australian Atomic Energy Commission (1952-1987) Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission (1973-present) Commissariat à l'énergie atomique et aux énergies ...
Mosin–Nagant - History - Initial Design and Trials
... modify the Berdan system to meet the requirements, a "Special Commission for the testing of Magazine fed Rifles" was formed to test new designs ... The Commission voted 14 to 10 to approve Nagant's rifle ... However, the head of the commission, General Chagin, insisted on subsequent trials held under the Commission's supervision during which Mosin's rifle showed its advantages, leading to its ...
Recommendation (European Union) - Common Market
... the proper functioning and development of the common market, the Commission (…) formulate recommendations or deliver opinions on matters dealt with in this ... If a country does not conform to a recommendation, the Commission cannot propose the adoption of a Directive aimed at other Member Countries, in order to elide this distortion ...

Famous quotes containing the word commission:

    The Church seems to totter to its fall, almost all life extinct. On this occasion, any complaisance would be criminal which told you, whose hope and commission it is to preach the faith of Christ, that the faith of Christ is preached.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)

    A sense of humour keen enough to show a man his own absurdities as well as those of other people will keep a man from the commission of all sins, or nearly all, save those that are worth committing.
    Samuel Butler (1835–1902)

    It is impossible to calculate the moral mischief, if I may so express it, that mental lying has produced in society. When a man has so far corrupted and prostituted the chastity of his mind as to subscribe his professional belief to things he does not believe he has prepared himself for the commission of every other crime.
    Thomas Paine (1737–1809)